The company’s vision is to arrange publicly available data intelligently so that businesses can comprehend faster and make better decisions using that data.

Today useful data gets generated across multiple sources like government websites, companies blogs, user-generated content, data from NGOs, etc. , though data is abundant, it is scattered, unusable, and hidden in plain sight. Companies need to speed time, effort, and resources to use it for the improvement of their operations.

Our mission is to aggregate, cleanse, verify, and provide context to the data, which can be used for necessary decision-making purposes.

Currently, We are simplifying data related to companies which can be used by sales and marketing teams to increase revenues.

About Team

Cinque Terre

T N Surender

MBA from IIM Lucknow & Engineering from GCT Coimbatore(Anna University)

Before starting this he has worked with iGATE, Bosch India in various Corporate roles. This being his second startup, the previous startup - Griffin News App- was business news platform focused on retail investors who were new to stock market.
Cinque Terre

Vijin V

Engineering from Oxford Engineering College, Bangalore

Along with passion to play football, he is one of the core developers for the product.
Cinque Terre

Nitin Monga

Nitin has about 12+ years of experience across the IT & Analytics technology stack. Skilled in data mining, statistical data analysis, predictive modeling, Deep learning, NLP. Passionate about building scalable, high-quality, practical data-driven solutions, futuristic ideas and product engineering.Currently helps in building various machine learning parts of the system